Gifts That Cost You Nothing Now

Learn more about gifts that cost you nothing now!


Gifts in a Will

A gift in your will is one of the easiest ways to create your legacy in the protection of animals from cruelty, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

No cost
Costs you nothing now to give in this way;

You can alter your gift or change your mind at any time and for any reason;

Lasting impact
Your gift will create your legacy in the well-being of animals now and for generations to come.

4 simple ‘no-cost-now’ ways to give in your will:

General gift in your will

Leaves a gift of a stated sum of money in your will or living trust. For example, you might decide to leave each of your grandchildren $10,000. It’s considered to be ‘general’ because it doesn’t specify from where the money comes.

Residual gift in your will

Leaves what is left over after all other debts, taxes, and other expenses have been paid.

Specific gift in your will

Leaves a specific dollar amount, percentage, fraction, or specific items (collections, art, books, jewelry, and so on).

Contingent gift in your will

Leaves a stated amount or share only if a spouse, family member or other heir/beneficiary does not live longer than you. In other words, your gift is contingent upon whether or not they survive after you.

You can mix these no-cost ways together. For example, you might consider leaving a specific percentage (such as 50%) of the residual to American Humane contingent upon the survival of your spouse.

Sample Gift Language for Your Will

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Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

An Easy ‘No-Cost-Now’ Way to Give

It’s easy to put your bank accounts, retirement funds, savings bonds, and more to use in creating a world impacted by American Humane — and it costs nothing now.

By naming American Humane as a beneficiary of these assets, you power the advancement of compassion and empathy for animals which will impact lives for future generations. Your gift impacts their safety, well-being and protection – the impact your gift makes through American Humane becomes your personal legacy to the world.

Reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets;

Reduce or avoid probate fees;

No cost to you now to give;

Create your legacy with American Humane.

How to Change a Beneficiary Designation:

Login to your account or request a Change of Beneficiary Form from your custodian (the business holding your money or assets).
Follow the links to change your beneficiary or fill out the form.
Be sure to spell the name of our organization properly:
American Humane Association
Include our tax identification number: 84-0432950
Save or submit your information online or return your Change of Beneficiary Form.

A gift of Retirement Funds (beneficiary of your retirement plan)

You can simply name American Humane as a beneficiary of your retirement plan to make a difference so that animals are humanely treated and live in a world met with compassion.

A gift of funds remaining in your bank accounts, brokerage accounts or certificate of deposit (CD)

This is one of the easiest gifts to give and one of the most useful in accomplishing your philanthropic goals. The next time you visit your bank, you can name American Humane (Tax ID: 84-0432950) as the beneficiary of a checking or savings bank account, a certificate of deposit (CD), or a brokerage account. When you do, you’ll take a powerful step toward impacting the safety and welfare of animals for generations to come.

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) residuals

What remains in a donor advised fund is governed by the contract you completed when you created your fund. When you name American Humane as a “successor” of your account or a portion of your account value, a world of compassion and empathy for animals is being created.

“I feel the work you do in all areas is extremely important. Animals need a voice. I will continue to support American Humane as much as I can.”
D.W. from AZ